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FAQ: Your Guide to Flowing Forward with AI

General Questions

  • Who are these services for? Anyone wanting to understand AI, navigate the changing job market, or use AI tools effectively while staying true to their own voice. Whether you're a tech newbie or seasoned pro, there's something here for you.

  • What makes your approach different? My focus is on human + AI collaboration. I believe the real magic happens when we combine the strengths of both, empowering people, not replacing them.

  • I'm still unsure if this is right for me. What should I do? Book a free 15-minute discovery call! Let's chat about your goals and concerns and see if we can design a plan to help you flowing forward.

Service-Specific Questions

  • AI Mindset Mastery: What topics do your workshops cover? We break down what AI is, how it works, its potential benefits and limitations, and practical strategies for using it ethically.

  • Human + AI Skill-set Accelerator: How do I know which skills to focus on? Your skill set assessment helps identify your existing strengths. We then create a personalised plan highlighting in-demand skills that play to your natural talents.

  • AI-Assisted Content Creation: I'm afraid of sounding robotic. Can you help? Absolutely! My workshops and playbooks are all about maintaining your authentic voice while using AI for idea generation, research, and streamlining your process.

Pricing & Logistics

  • Do you offer payment plans? Yes! Contact me to discuss flexible payment options for certain services.

  • Are your services offered virtually or in-person? Currently, all consultations and workshops are held virtually for maximum convenience.

  • What if I'm not satisfied with a service? Your success is important to me. If you're not satisfied, please reach out, and we'll find a solution.

Got a question not listed here? Email me through the Contact Form and I'll gladly answer it!

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